5 Benefits of Speed Dating

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Are you sick of wasting a full night on a dud of a date set up by your friend? Are you tired of impersonal online chats that lead nowhere? Speed dating services bring professional singles together to find a mutual match. Read on to find out why speed dating is right for you:

1. Fun Environment

You get to enjoy a night out at a bar or club with your friends, but with a far better chance of finding love than on a normal night. Grab a drink and zoom through 25 dates with potential matches. You have an extremely high chance of finding a match, but even if you don’t, you get to spend a fun night meeting new and interesting people.

2. Speed is of the Essence

You’re a busy professional, and it’s hard to carve out the time for an active dating life. With speed dating, you get to enjoy quick three-minute conversations with attractive potential matches you might otherwise never meet. If you hit it off, you will receive each other’s contact info. If not, it’s only a blink of an eye before you’re on to the next potential match.

3. Get to the Point

With a three-minute speed date, you won’t have to suffer through awkward pauses or fumble through conversation topics. That “go, go, go!” mentality brings out the best in a lot of singles, and you can really get to the essence of what you’re looking for. If someone’s not for you, it’s all good – you’re three minutes or less from the next guy or gal who might tick all the boxes. The fast pace means you don’t have to worry about being the rejector or rejectee because you’re both on to the next one in a snap.

4. Affordable

You’ll do anything to find love, but does it have to include paying thousands for a matchmaker or hundreds in recurring account fees for an online dating site? Speed dating events facilitated are about a toonie per potential match. If you’re one of the few who doesn’t get a match at a paid event, you can enjoy a pool of 25 new suitors at your next event, totally free.

5. Track Record of Success

More than 75% of singles get at least one match. Countless love matches, relationships, and marriages have resulted from speed dating – even the president of a company met her husband at a speed dating event! Talk about a proven track record.