Benefits of Having Sex on Your First Date

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Why Sex on Your First Date Is Amazing

We’re going to give you some unusual dating advice — sometimes, sex on the first date is a great idea! We’re not living in the middle ages any longer, and we’re perfectly aware that people love sex! Besides, you get to learn a lot about your date by spending the night together.

So, unless it goes against your values, or feels unsafe, why keep the distance?

Here, you can get some sex tips and read about the benefits you’ll gain by going all the way on the first date!

How Relationships Can Go Bad Because of Sexual Incompatibility

Sex is an essential aspect of a relationship. Some couples even stay in a dysfunctional marriage only because they have a fantastic sex life. On the other hand, many relationships and marriages fall apart because of sexual incompatibility.

So, the simple fact that you two have similar dex drives and desires can be of great help. It will make your relationship more stable and fulfilling. It can even be the only thing that keeps you together.

Getting sexual satisfaction is a strong motivation for staying in a relationship. And being sexually compatible will increase your desire to work on it. You’ll put more effort and spend more energy and time trying to figure things out, which is rarely a bad thing!

You Can Check If You Are Sexually Compatible

Let’s speak honestly — no one wants to have a lousy sex life.

If you decide to sleep with your date right away, you’ll get the chance to check if you’re sexually compatible. And that way, you can figure out if it’s all even worth your time and energy right at the beginning!

In case you realize you two have entirely different sex drives, needs, and appetites, you may want to give up right away. These are things you can’t simply change or ignore.

But don’t forget that first sex with a new partner is rarely amazing. And if by any chance this happens to you, that means that you have strong chemistry, other than having a similar taste. You should definitely try to keep that relationship going unless it becomes toxic and destructive!

However, in most cases, you probably won’t be that impressed. But that doesn’t mean you should run away in the opposite direction without giving it a second chance! Sex will possibly become more satisfying once you establish an emotional connection.

The thing that matters the most is that you don’t get bored to death.

You Get to Know How the Other Person Lives

There are other benefits you’ll gain by going all the way on your very first date. If you end up at their place, you’ll get the chance to see how your date lives. And this is another important piece of information that will help you figure out if you want to pursue a relationship.

When you take things to the next level, you’ll start spending more time together. And that obviously means you’ll often crash at their place, or they at yours. So, it’s crucial that you have similar ways of living.

Huge differences in lifestyles and habits are the causes of many arguments in a relationship. Habits are often hard to change, and many people don’t even want to give it a try. So, unless both of you are willing to overcome these differences, it’s just not worth it.

And by checking out their place on your first date, you get to learn what difficulties you can expect in the future.

Sex Can Relieve All the Awkwardness

The first date is usually awkward, especially if you like each other a lot. And people do all sorts of things to deal with the stress. For example, you can try preparing the topics you’ll talk about before the date. That may help you to feel more confident — but only at first.

As time passes, you’ll certainly face a few awkward moments. And later, when you get home, you’ll probably think about them. That will make you wonder if you made the right impression and if your date even wants to see you again.

But when you finish your first date by spending the night together, you won’t even remember all the awkward, embarrassing moments. And you’ll also be pretty much certain about how they feel about you.

After all, sex is an intimate experience that helps you connect and understand each other.

It’s a Great Way to Express How You Feel About the Other Person

Speaking of which, sex is also a perfect opportunity to show your date how you feel about them.

So, let’s say you waited for this date for a long time. And you were really happy they asked you out. You’re having a fantastic time together, you’ve talked for hours and clicked. Both of you liked each other before and, of course, enjoyed each other’s company.

And why not show these feelings right away? You want your date to know how you feel about them, and to check if they feel the same about you. And keeping distance isn’t always the best idea — it can lead your date to believe you’re not that much into them.

After all, who wants to stay in a relationship they feel uncertain about?

You’re not going to send any wrong message by going all the way. It’s quite the opposite — you’re going to show exactly how you feel. And there’s no reason why your date would take it the wrong way if you two are really into each other.

Safety Reminders

Of course, sex on a first date isn’t always a great idea. In some cases, you can decide in the middle of a first date you don’t even want to go on a second one. And when this happens, you may prefer to avoid spending the night together.

Depending on your comfort levels, you can decide to have a one night stand with this person. But there are some possible scenarios when even that doesn’t feel right. For example, if there’s something creepy about your date, you should probably skip sex and avoid any contact in the future.

And one more thing — when you’re having sex with someone new, always use protection. Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t reserved only for prostitutes and men who sleep with them!

So, as long as you keep your safety a priority, there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll get to enjoy a pleasurable night, meet the person on an intimate level, and learn tons about them.