Dating During the Pandemic

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The Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic has hit not only the economy but our social lives as well. The whole situation has been especially detrimental for single people and their dating lives. While social distancing is used to help stop the spread of the virus, this does not mean that your dating game has to be put on hold.

Virtual speed dating, online dating, and dating apps could help fill the gap in the lives of single people. That is the beauty of technology in these trying times when one is not 100 percent comfortable going down the route of traditional speed dating. While the latter is on hold, organizers have taken to Zoom and other such sites to create dating events and keep the love flowing.

So what is virtual speed dating?

What Is Online Speed Dating, and How Does It Work?

Online speed dating is the process of speed dating in the virtual world. Speed dating events normally happen face-to-face in cafes or bars. Usually, the men have to rotate every five to ten minutes, while the women stay where they’re sitting. Online speed dating is similar in this regard, except it is done online through Zoom. Going to a cafe or bar is replaced with staying in your living room, and face-to-face interaction with video chat.

So you’re probably wondering how virtual speed dating works during the pandemic. The idea is that you can sign up to join a virtual speed dating event where you can tell the organizer what you are looking for. You will get a Zoom link closer to the time through email. When the virtual date is about to start, and you have figured out the top part of your outfit, you will be greeted by the organizer. Here the organizer will tell you the process and how long you will have to chat with your dates, as well as who “moves.” Then, you and your date go to a breakout room to get to know each other.

When the date is over, you will be able to send the organizer your top three choices. Within 24 hours, you will see if you have a match through email. Video dating is often seen as low risk, low reward, but many online relationships have flourished into the real thing. It is a risk worth taking, as is any dating encounter. Plus, you do not have to wear pants.

Some Useful Advice

Online dating can be weird, so make sure to have a few ice-breaker questions ready. You can also expect some questions about the pandemic, although not as much so as when the measures first took place. Another piece of advice would be to be as open and communicative as you can. Video calls take away much of body language, and many daters from these single events have seen the importance and power of words. See these 10 questions you should definitely try.

Why Is It Relevant Now?

Virtual dating is relevant now because of the pandemic that is affecting the whole world. Many places could still be in lock-down or with curfews in place. Online dating could skyrocket, as has been the case with many streaming services for movies and TV series. While dating online, people are able to respect the social distancing measure and not risk anyone’s health.

Another factor that could come into play is the fear of getting the virus while going on a date. Dating in a public area is advised, but it can also raise the concern of getting Covid-19 while out and about. Even if you’re not concerned about your date, you can get it from other people in the public area. Traditional dating requires being in one area with a lot of people for a reasonable amount of time. 

While speed dating shortens the amount of time for one-on-one conversations to up to ten minutes, you are still in one venue with a lot of other people. This can increase the chances of getting the virus or at least the fear of contracting it. Therefore, some people may prefer to go the route of dating online from their homes where they have more control over who is around.

Will It Work?

It depends. It will work as well as any other dating event. The point of it, even during these difficult times, lies in the hope of creating long or short-term connections. People are looking for that more than ever since the chances of meeting new people and going out in big gatherings have been decreased due to safety concerns. Social distancing does not make people stop meeting up with their friends and family, but the fear of a virus does.

However, virtual speed dating can give you a chance to sort out who would be worth another meeting, even in person. It can help you narrow down who could be worth the risk, both in love and coronavirus. There have been some success stories about Zoom dates; therefore, there is hope. It just takes time and willingness to try. These events are a great mixer for single people in times of social distancing.

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In Conclusion

Virtual dating is a great way to meet people and potentially find love. It is the safest way to do so while a virus is floating around. Plus, it can also be a comfort to know that social interaction with new people is still possible.