Easy Ways to Increase Your Sex Appeal

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How to Increase Your Sex Appeal

You’ve probably come across dozens of similar attraction tips on the internet — but wearing red lipstick, high heels, and sexy dresses isn’t what sex appeal is all about. It has more to do with the way you make others feel in your company — and this is something you can easily control.

So, if you’re looking for some different dating tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some simple things you can do to increase sex appeal and make a lasting, unique impression!

Sex Appeal Is Not Just All About Physical Appearance

Physical appearance does matter. However, we tend to overestimate it and forget that a person is more than pretty hair and an appealing body shape.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. Things like hitting the gym and taking care of your hygiene help you feel better about yourself. Boosting your self-confidence is an excellent way to start feeling more attractive.

But, again, sex appeal is mostly about confidence! So, forget about spending hours in the gym trying to get Kim Kardashian’s ass, thinking it will solve everything. Instead, try working on accepting yourself — confidence is much sexier than a big butt!

Open Body Posture

Your body language says much more about you than you think. And it also makes a significant impact on the general impression you make.

People tend to remember emotions much better than physical sensations. That means that they won’t memorize the exact shape of your sexy legs, but the way you made them feel — oh, they will remember that!

So, sex appeal has a lot to do with how people see you and how they feel around you. See these 5 elements of attractiveness.

And the way people stand and move tells us about how they feel about themselves, ourselves, and the current situation. If you hold your arms crossed, that sends a message that you’re defensive and unapproachable — not sexy!

That’s why an open body posture boosts your sex appeal. When you look like a relaxed, approachable person who’s open for conversation, people will feel much better around you. And they will find you more attractive because they will feel good in your company!

Show Your Creative Side

There’s one thing that people will always find sexy, no matter what — creativity!

No one likes boring folks who only talk about whether. But we enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations with interesting people. So, when you show how creative, passionate, and fascinating you are, you will certainly make a stronger impression.

Besides, showing your creative side makes you seem like a unique person. And this thing has a high value on the dating market!

One more thing — creative people also seem to be more interesting in the bedroom! And to be honest, this makes a lot of sense. Who would prefer a boring lover over a creative one? Everyone wants to have an exciting sex life!

After all, creativity is a personality trait that everyone should be proud of. Why hide this part of yourself, when you can show it and appear more attractive, approachable, and unique?

Maintain Your Mysterious Persona

You’ve probably watched a crime series at least once, and you’ve undoubtedly noticed that it’s tough to stop watching an episode once you get really into it. The reason is that you desperately want to learn who the killer is and see if you guessed it correctly.

So, we all know that humans are curious and explorative creatures. That’s why we’re so attracted to mystery, and anything that has it will attract and hold our attention — a tv episode, a novel, a movie, or a person.

And just like in a case of a crime series, mysterious people will make us feel curious about them. They will make us think about them, want to be around them, and try to figure them out.

But this doesn’t mean you should keep secrets and lie to your date or a new partner. Instead, try being less transparent but remaining honest.

Helpfulness Is Attractive

People may have told you that being a bad, rude, careless person is never attractive! No one likes to be disrespected, humiliated, nor to feel bad about themselves. And everyone should avoid people who make them feel that way.

So, forget about the bitchy attitude, and show pretty parts of yourself instead. Ofer your help when you can, show that you care and that you want to be there for people who mean to you.

And don’t be afraid people will take advantage of you and hurt you. Those who deserve your attention wouldn’t do that.

Being kind will never go out of fashion!

Take Control

People who are capable of taking control appear sexier, and that goes for both men and women.

It has a lot to do with us wanting to be around people we can trust and count on. When you show that you can take control, you make yourself seem stable, capable, and strong-willed. And people who have these traits are the ones we’ll call when we have a problem and need help or advice.

Taking control also marks you as a confident person. And we’ve already told you how confidence makes you appear more attractive and sexier. Not to mention that you’ll also gain respect.

And here’s one fun fact — when we meet other people, we always tend to figure out if we can trust them and respect them, and that happens on a subconscious level. We’re not even aware of how vital these two things are!

So, the point is, the ability to take control is what makes you appear trustworthy, confident, worthy of respect, and sexier!

It’s About How You Look at Them

There’s one well-known and very true saying you’ve probably heard of — “Eyes are the window to the soul.”

We can tell a lot by the way a person is looking at us. To speak honestly, it says more than the words and makes a stronger impression. And for that reason, you should keep eye contact when you talk to your date!

Use this universal language to send a message you want and show your feelings. But note that this doesn’t mean you’re supposed to stare at them all the time like a psycho!