Inflatable Dildos Pump up the Excitement Down Under

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If you are looking for something different other than the regular dildos, inflatable dildos could be your trump card. These dildos are apparently small in size but they can inflate into super sizes once they go inside the vagina or anal. These dildo kits come with a pump to blow in air into them. The best aspect of inflatable dildos is that they allow you to personalize the fullness as per your specific preferences.

Perks of inflatable dildos

To start with, inflatable dildos are more convenient to insert compared to regular large dildos. The size of large dildo remains constant whether you insert it or not. Thus, those who are not accustomed to large dildos won’t be able to take them in initially. But, it’s not the case with inflatable dildos. They come in  a small size which makes insertion easier. But, as they go inside they can be pumped up to reach the massive volume of a large dildo only. Thus, those who are apprehensive to try large dildos fearing painful insertion, can safely try out the inflatable dildos. As they are apparently small, insertion won’t really be a problem.

Another great advantage of inflatable dildos is that here you can control the level of fullness through the pumps of air blown into the toy. Depending on your pumps, you may amp up the dildo from 5-6 inches to 9-10 inches. Some inflatable dildos can be even blown up till 11 inches. So, whether you want a decent level of fullness or something extra-large- with inflatable dildos, you will have complete control over your desired level of pleasure.

Types of inflatable dildos

Inflatable dildos are available in a wide range of formats-

Handheld inflatable dildo

These inflatable dildos are the most basic and are controlled by hands. If you are flying solo, you will have to pump up air into the dildo. If you are with a partner, he will pump up air into it to achieve your desired level of fullness.

Suction cup inflatable dildo

These inflatable dildos are your pick if you are craving for a hands-free penetration. It gets really tiring to keep on holding the dildo after a point of time. With a suction cup inflatable dildo, you would no longer need to hold the dildo for penetration. The suction cup can suck onto a hard surface which eliminates the need of holding. Then, you can simply insert the dildo into your body and pump up the fullness as per your desires. If you are playing solo and have nobody to hold the dildo for you at present, you can count on the suction cup inflatable dildos.

Vibrating inflated dildos

If you want an additional twist to your inflated dildos, vibrating dildos could be something for you. As the name says, these dildos carry an additional pocket for in-built vibrator to stimulate you with a sexy buzz. So, when you want something more than fullness down under, these vibrating inflated dildos could be your answer.

Tips to use inflated dildos

Clean and disinfect

You can’t just nudge the dildo into your vagina the moment you get it delivered at home. The first thing to do here is to clean and disinfect it. Depending on the material of your dildo, a solution of warm soapy water would be great here. Pour in a disinfectant solution into the soapy water mix to sanitize the dildo properly. You should not ever submerge the dildo into water. Alternatively, you can also use an adult toy cleaner to clean the toy. After you wash it, let the toy dry. You can only use it when it has completely dried up. You have to follow the same cleaning routine after you use dildo.

Get into foreplay

Foreplay is a must here to set the mood and prepare the body for a sensuous experience. It’s great if you have your partner with you as together you can indulge into a passionate session of foreplay. Let your partner kiss and nibble you vigorously and you too should drive him crazy with your passionate touches. One of the best benefits of foreplay is that it helps your vagina to lubricate itself naturally. Lubrication is extremely important for a smooth insertion of the toy.

Lube up

As mentioned previously, lubrication is fundamental to a seamless and pain-free penetration with an inflated dildo. You need to apply some lube on the toy and also some on the vagina. If you are with a partner, he can jolly good lube you up. If you are alone and have nobody to help you, you can try out the lube applicators available today.

Insert slow and small

After you are all lubed up, it’s time to insert the dildo into yourself. But, start slow and small so that the dildo gets inside freely. Look for dildos with tapering end as they make insertion easier, pain-free and safer. Later on, as it goes inside, you can pump up the toy to reach a fuller girth.

Be careful of the pumps

As mentioned previously, inflated dildos can be pumped up to reach a massive high when inside. But at times, you may not want to reach that high. It could be that your body is not exactly willing to experience an extra-large level of fullness at the moment. Thus, be careful while pumping so that you can control the pumps according to your/partner’s desired level. If your partner is pumping, tell him to go slow. If possible create a code word that can be used to gesture him to stop immediately when things go out of control.

Check reviews

Last but not the least, you must always check reviews of the inflated dildo you are planning to buy. It’s advised to go for a comparative study here between 5-6 dildos before you finally decide to purchase a one. Study their market reputation, usage, performance, pros and cons as well as what the previous customers have to say about them. The one you choose should be the most reputed of the lot, backed by stellar reviews and ratings just like what LG has received over the years in the industry because of their premium-quality inflatable dildo collection.