Why Do Some People Prefer Inflatable Dildos?

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Inflatable dildos and other toys hold a special place in the world of sex. They can be used for filthy BDSM experiments, but they can also be quite versatile for masturbation and all sorts of vaginal and anal play. Anyone who wishes to have their pussy or asshole filled and stretched should try one! 

Also, these types of toys are fantastic for anal training and different kinds of stretching. Moreover, they are perfect for little sluts who wish to feel slightly uncomfortable during penetration. But if you’re still not convinced, take a look at our guide to why some people prefer inflatable dildos! 

People Buy Different Sizes Depending on Their Skill Level

Inflatable dildos can be used for penetration, just like any other toy. That is, you can slide them in without pumping up the volume. They resemble any other phallic or non-phallic sex toy but contain a small pump or bulb. This pump can be used to push air inside the toy and allow it to inflate, and these versatile sex toys can get pretty big. That’s why it’s crucial to always choose a size that matches your skill level. 

And that’s something that no other sex toy can give you: the ability to modify its size. In most cases, inflatable dildos can become up to twice as big when pumped up. That leads to intense vaginal or anal pleasure. 

Regarding inflatable dildos in vaginas, it’s important to mention that this pumped up toy can increase your internal size. It’s an incredible pussy stretcher, and it can make a vagina expand to the point of tenting or full arousal. On the other hand, inflatable dildos are just perfect for any sort of anal experimentation.

You can buy a smaller toy and inflate it when inserted. That will stretch your anus out, and it will be ready for bigger toys and cocks. Those who like a bit of pain will buy a larger inflatable dildo and pump their holes up to feel intense pressure and even discomfort. 

Inflatable Dildos Are a Good Investment

Even if they may look intimidating, these toys are not extremely expensive. You can find all sorts of types, including regular, vibrating inflatable toys, extra thick, butt plug-shaped, g-spot toys, strap-on dildos, and more. Other things that you should consider are materials, sizes, bulb sizes, and girths. Remember that even if you purchase a smaller toy, its size can increase. 

When pumped, these toys can grow from 5–6 inches all the way to 11 inches and bigger. That’s why they’re the perfect choice for size queens or kings. While you can slide this toy inside your ass or pussy and use it without pumping it up, you can try any size imaginable while inflating it. That’s why they are incredibly versatile. These toys are a fantastic investment, especially if you don’t have the time to try out a dozen different toys to see which size or shape you prefer the most. If you don’t want to end up with a box full of unused butt plugs of varying sizes, it’s best to choose an inflatable toy. 

How Inflatable Dildos Work

As mentioned, these naughty devices always come with a hand pump. This pump is connected to the toy via a rubber hose. The toys are made out of stretchy and expandable materials like silicone. When you squeeze the pump, the inside will get filled with air, and the toy will grow. The length, as well as the girth, will increase to nearly double the original size. 

Like we’ve said before, you don’t have to inflate the dildo to its fullest right away once it is inside you. By adjusting how hard and often you squeeze the rubber bulb, you can control its size. Also, it’s clever to inflate the toy fully before using it first to check how big it can get. The device also has a button that allows you to simply release the air and deflate it.

Bear in mind that a fully-inflated dildo may not be able to move once it is inside you. That means you’ll only be able to feel the sensation of being stretched out, as opposed to regular penetrative sex. Nevertheless, that sensation will also be incredible. 

Before purchasing one, you should make sure that the material is soft and that it’s a quality toy. Try to avoid overly inexpensive products as they will not last long and may not feel right against the skin. So take your time before choosing one because your pussy and asshole deserve only the best. 

What’s more, it’s crucial to use lube with these dildos. That will make them slide in smoothly. It’s best to try water-based lubricant with these types of toys. And if you don’t want the toy to get dirty, it’s possible to put a condom over it. Also, after every use, you should thoroughly rinse the toy with water and soap. 

The Sensation of Inflating a Dildo Inside the Anus

While we’ve already mentioned some kinky uses of inflatable dildos, there is nothing quite like pumping up an asshole with one. In solo play, you can penetrate your own asshole and inflate the dildo to achieve this sensation. However, you can also allow your partner to use the hand pump and dominate you. So if you’re into anal toys, don’t miss out on inflatable dildos!

Since an asshole is exceptionally tight, inflating it from the inside can cause a unique sensation that you can’t replicate with other toys. Stretching your asshole and pushing it to take more than it can handle can sometimes create a clash between enjoyment and pain. Many inflatable dildo fans use the toys just for this feeling alone! It’s perfect for all sorts of anal fetishes, including gaping, fisting, etc. Plus, a lot of men love inflatable dildos because they are excellent toys for prostate stimulation.

On the other hand, if you’re not into hardcore kinks, inflatable anal dildos are incredible for lighter stimulation too. The primary reason here is that the inflated toy can fill up your entire rectum. That means it will touch and stimulate nearly all of the nerve endings inside it. Anal fans love this feeling as it can give them maximum pleasure. 

Last but not least, these toys are perfect for anal newbies or people who just wish to stretch their asshole out a bit to make room for their partner’s cock. Those who have asked for recommendations on where to get them, you may give LG a try, as they have very positive feedback from their customers. 


Inflatable dildos will undoubtedly challenge you to take more than you can handle. They are incredibly versatile and are perfect for fetish fans or men and women who love to experiment. So try one out today and have fun!