Reasons Why You Should Wear Socks During Sex

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If there’s one thing with sex that all of us can agree upon, it’s that some things just look silly while doing the deed. Of course, we’re talking about wearing socks. Sure enough, many people prefer this clothing choice during bedroom action. But the general notion is that it looks bad and can turn your partner off in an instant. Yet, science begs to differ on this, as keeping your feet warm can better the outcome of intercourse.


There are numerous discussions about this topic, and in the day and age of the internet, socks and sex are bound to generate great memes, GIFs, and, of course, Reddit threads. But why is this so controversial? Don’t we all wear socks every day? Well, we do, but not while having sex. The image of a middle-aged guy with black socks on humping his wife isn’t something that you’d want to go to bed with. It’s just off-putting, to say the least.


We have to be honest and say that this issue doesn’t trouble men and women alike. In fact, seeing girls in long sports socks is a major turn-on for many guys. Don’t think it’s true? Just go online and find some teen-themed porn, and every other girl will be in socks and trainers. Therefore, this is more of a male issue, if anything.

Are There Actual Benefits of Wearing a Pair of Socks During Sex?

Don’t get us wrong — there are many situations in which wearing a pair of socks during love-making is completely normal. For example, what do you think people who are naughty in public do? Do they take all their clothes off? Nope! There’s no time for that. Moreover, they just unzip their genitals and get things done.

But the discussion we’re referring to here isn’t about these unusual scenarios. It’s when sex is happening in a safe environment. It’s logical that all clothes go down when a couple gets together in sweet harmony. That’s if they’re not into role play sex or BDSM with their strict dress code.


Nevertheless, science says that wearing socks is actually beneficial. There are a few reasons why you should rethink your attitude about this practice, and we’re here to list them all down. So, allow us to explain in detail why socks and sex go hand-in-hand if you’re looking for a generally better intimate experience. Not just socks, there are other things that couples wear to be more intimate during sex, get yours at

It Helps You Feel More Comfortable

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. Namely, the whole idea of socks is to make our feet more comfortable as they hit the ground. They are soft and reduce friction when we stomp around. That goes for both walking in shoes and without them.


So, when it comes to sex, isn’t it logical to make yourself as comfortable as possible so that you can allow pleasure to take over? Well, yes, it is. Still, some standing positions can be quite hard on our feet. Therefore, wearing socks makes perfect sense.


On the other hand, socks can also be quite fashionable. In the last couple of years, there has been a socks renaissance, if we can say so. More and more brands would put out colorful products, with people of all creeds and ages rushing to purchase them.


Sex and fashion also go hand-in-hand. We’re always on the prowl for new garments that will make us look more attractive to others. The same goes for the bedroom. From sexy lingerie to full-body costumes, there’s room for covering your feet in style too.

  1. No More Cold Feet

All clothes have a practical purpose. They exist to cover us from the elements. And when it comes to socks, well, they keep our feet warm. Some people have poor blood circulation, which, in turn, makes their feet cold and uncomfortable. That is especially true during the winter when temperatures drop low and there’s no way you can keep yourself warm.


Still, the snow and cold don’t stop us from being intimate. In fact, having fun in the sack is a great way to get our bodies to warm up, as sex relies upon blood circulation in the whole body. But what can we do when the temperature in the room is just too low? It’s simple — we can wear socks and make things way easier.

  1. Helps Achieve Better Orgasms

Thirdly, let’s delve a bit deeper into the science behind wearing socks during sex. As we’ve said, it suggests that doing so is a great idea. But how come? Well, a certain study done in the Netherlands has stats that suggest that people who wear socks during the deed are more likely to experience an orgasm than those who don’t. The reason is simple — sex relies upon blood circulation, and socks help with that.


The study group included 13 straight couples of varying ages. They would have intercourse with and without socks, and the results were jaw-dropping. While covering their feet, almost 80% of them would achieve an orgasm — both men and women. On the flip side, while having bare feet, the orgasm levels would drop to under 50%.


So, what’s the explanation behind here? Check this out. Wearing socks helped women feel less tension and anxiety. That much was evident through brain scans that would show less activity in the frontal part, which is responsible for processing fear. The conclusion was that socks make us more comfortable through warmth and, thus, likelier to hit the big O.

Does the Type of Socks Matter?

By now, it would be normal to rethink how you see socks and sex together. But this new realization can lead you to another issue. Namely, which socks should I wear while being all close and intimate with my lover? Does type really matter? The answer is that any socks that feel comfortable, keep you warm, and look good are the right choice for you. Still, some types just look better and can suit sexual activities better than others. Of course, we’re referring to latex socks.


Latex is synonymous with sex. Many people enjoy full-on outfits made from this rubbery material. It’s shiny, sensual, and best of all, high quality. It’s also safer and more hygenic than some other materials like classic rubber or latex. Therefore, if you’re looking for a better orgasm while still looking cool and hot, we’d always recommend a latex outfit paired with a pair of same-material socks. They’ll bring you one step closer to sex heaven.