Fox Tail Plugs: A Fox Play Enthusiast’s Dream

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The BDSM community continues to thrive, and so does the selection of anal toys. If you are into anal sex, you can expand your horizons and include some of them in your play. The market is rather versatile, so it offers a wide range of products — from anal beads to butt plugs.

Although you may already know how diverse some sex toys can be, the diversity of butt plugs may surprise you. They differ from each other, not only in size and material but also in design. That way, you can choose among standard, jeweled, and tail butt plugs.

Pet Play in BDSM

Even though it may appear bizarre, pet play is one of the prominent BDSM kinks. It is quite common among members of the community. Pet play is a specific type of roleplaying, where a person assumes the role of an animal in a BDSM relationship.

Given the nature of BDSM, the popularity of pet play within the community does not come as a surprise. It accentuates the division of complementary roles. Despite what you may think, the person playing the part of an animal in such a relationship is not submissive by rule.

Power exchange is the most common motive for pet play, but it is not the only one. Some people see it as a way to get in touch with their wild side, while others enjoy the cuddling that comes with it. Moreover, the intensity of pet play varies depending on the couple’s mutual desires and agreement.

A pet play scene can involve a variety of gear — from dog collars and leashes to costumes. If you want to truly bring out your animalistic side, you can turn your behind into that of an animal. The selection of tail butt plugs is rather broad — you just need to discover what your spirit animal is.

Different Types of Pet Play

Pet play is a rather elaborate kink. There are masks, outfits, costumes, and sex toys designed specifically for it. Depending on your spirit animal, you can engage in various types of this roleplay. The most common ones are pony play, puppy play, and kitten play.

People who are into pony play choose one of the three categories in accordance with their affinities. There are cart ponies that pull their owners on a sulky, riding ponies that walk either on two legs with their owner on their shoulders or all fours with their owner pretending to ride on their back, and show ponies that demonstrate their dressing skills.

Puppy play is usually a human-animal roleplay, with one person submitting to their dominant partner by assuming the role of a dog. However, both partners can act out canine behaviors if one of them takes on the role of alpha and the other one of a beta or omega.

Kitten play is quite similar to puppy play because cats and dogs alike are the most common pets. Nevertheless, since kittens are generally rebellious, kitten play is more challenging for the dominant partner than puppy play.

Finally, there is fox play, which seems to be gaining popularity. It differs from the standard pet play kinks as much as foxes differ from ponies, puppies, and kittens. 

The Attitude of a Fox: What Is It Like?

Fox play is a unique pet play kink because of the attitude of a fox. Unlike dogs and cats, foxes are neither domestic animals, nor can they be tamed easily. A person playing the role of a fox expresses their wild nature by disobeying their owner’s rules. Their misbehavior includes hiding, fighting, scratching, and biting.

Fox play owners either find the challenge of disciplining their fox arousing or enjoy their pet’s wildness. Although foxes are generally the submissive ones in their relationships, they usually exhibit dominant tendencies and can, therefore, be switches.

A couple engaging in fox play set their own rules depending on their desires and affinities. Given the nature of a fox, they have a wide range of options to choose from. The owner can be firm and determined to tame the fox, or they can accept them as they are. Moreover, the fox can also take on the leading role.

Finally, foxes do not require as much attention as puppies and kittens. They are independent, which, in addition to their wildness, is their primary characteristic. They may be disobedient, but they are certainly not needy.

A Fox Tail Plug: The Perfect Accessory

If you want to enjoy fox play to the fullest, you should bring out your foxiness. If you are going to assume the role of a fox, you might as well look like one. You may wear a collar and fox ears, but your look will not be complete without a fox’s signature tail.

Not only will a tail look incredible on you, but it will feel fantastic as well. A fox tail butt plug will stimulate your anus as well as transform your behind so that both you and your partner can truly get into your respective roles.

Fox Tail Anal Plugs: Description and Variants

Fox tail anal plugs are just one of the many categories of butt plugs. Therefore, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are many subtypes of them. You can choose your favorite accessory from the broad selection based on the material of the plug, length, and color of the tail, and so on.

The majority of fox tail butt plugs are made of stainless steel or silicone. The material of your toy is as crucial as its appearance, if not more. You should opt for a butt plug made of a non-porous material (such as stainless steel or silicone) so that you could clean and maintain it properly. 

When it comes to the tail, it is long, fluffy, and luxurious. It will give you an exotic look of a fox. The tail is generally made of faux fur (because nothing justifies animal cruelty) that looks real, so you will feel as if you had just been captured and brought from the wilderness.

By wearing such an anal tail, you will not be just a fox. Thanks to a wide range of options on the market, you can be any fox you want to be. You can transform into anything from a striking Arctic fox to a fennec fox (and maybe complete your look by wearing the fennec fox’s signature big ears).

Finally, you can create your own animalistic persona and choose a tail of an unusual color (or a combination of colors). Whether you are a pink girl or a goth, you can find one here at LP. A tail that suits your personality and taste.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to impersonate an animal, you should adopt both its mental and physical characteristics. Assuming the role of a fox requires you to be wild and rebellious yet majestic, and you cannot accomplish that without an appropriate accessory, such as a tail.