The different types of fox tails

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Fox tail plugs are cute, fun and of course gorgeously sexy. Animal tails have always been a predominant in BDSM sessions. The most popular ones here are cat and dog tails. They are no doubt cool but at times we do feel like trying out something more edgy and more unique. And this is where fox tails come in. The thick fur looks immaculately royal while its soft smooth texture speaks of a plush touch always. Just like the playful animal, a fox tail butt plug is every bit of naughty and foxy.

If you have never tried fox tail plugs in your kinky sessions, you should give it a second thought. The toy is just the perfect thing to take your BDSM antics to the next level. You must be looking forward to know more about the fox tail butt plugs by now. Well, much to your convenience, here is a brief on these super sexy tail butt plugs.

Types of fox tail butt plugs

Interestingly, there is a vast and versatile variety of fox tail butt plugs.

Types according to fur material

Modern fox tail butt plugs mostly come in two types of fur materials

Synthetic fur

These are tails made from artificial fur and no real animal fox tail is used here. But the great part is these synthetic furs are so neatly manufactured that they look every bit of real fix fur. If you are apprehensive of using real fox fur and looking for guilty-free options count on these fox tail plugs with artificial fur.

Real fur

You will also find fox tail butt plugs with real fix fur. If you don’t want to miss out on the “real” deal, then this is the tail fur for you. But, just make sure your chosen fox tail fur has been responsibly sourced by the manufacturer. Leading brands that use real fur always mention about sourcing on their website. If you don’t find such claims (responsibly sourced real fur) on the product package or on the brand website, don’t trust the product.

Types according to plug material

You will find fox tail butt plugs available in 3 major materials.


Silicone is soft, smooth and super comfortable. It is especially great for the beginners who haven’t used butt plugs before. If your body is not used to have a foreign thing inside the anus ever, you should always start with a soft and extremely comfortable material. And silicone rules here like a boss. Not only that, silicone is hypoallergenic and a breeze to clean. Silicone butt plugs are everyone’s favorite and you can find one here at LP.

Stainless steel

The hardness of metal is a serious turn-on for many. Stainless steel butt plugs are especially for them who crave for a solid tough fullness inside the anus. Moreover, the smooth sheen of steel and its classy metallic body speak of sheer elegance. Also, since stainless steel is non-porous, there is always lesser risk of infection.


This is another wonderful material you would love to have for your fox tail butt plugs. Glass commands a unique classy appeal and together with the royal thick fur, it altogether makes an awe-inspiring sight. The sturdiness of glass assures the desired thick fullness inside, leading the sub to toe-curling orgasms.

This is to note here both stainless steel and glass fox tail butt plugs are great for temperature plays. Besides, you should also remember that since these two are hardy materials and not soft as silicone- these should especially be used by advanced butt plug users.

You will also find butt plugs made of aluminum and plastic but these three mentioned above are the most common.

Types according to tail fur colors

When it comes to color choices in fox tail fur, well, sky is the limit!

Natural colors

You will find fox tail butt plugs with fur in natural colors. In other words, these tails come in shades that you are used to see in real animals in the wild. The most common one is the fawn color while you will also find tail fur with hints of black, white and brown here and there.

Single color options

Fox tail butt plugs are also available in single color options. From red to pink to black to brown to white-there is a wealth of options here. Mono-colored fur tails are tinted in one single uniform shade right from the head to the tip.

Multi-colored options

If you want something more unique, you can go for fur tails in multiple colors. Some of them are even available in rainbow pattern, embodying all the 7 distinct shades in one.

Top fox tail butt plugs for you

Let’s wrap up with a brief on some of the best fox tail butt plugs that will spice up your kink sessions to the T.

XR Midnight Glass tail plug

Equal parts sexy and equal parts classy, this XR foxy tail butt plug is one of the best things for your kink toy collection. Made with sturdy borosilicate glass, the plug speaks of powerful stimulation right from its very sight. And its rich midnight black tail fur is simply plush and sensuous. The plug is phthalate and latex free which makes it hypoallergenic and body-safe. The toy assures 4” insertable length.

Silicone Gray 17” fox tail butt plug

Thanks to its silicone make, this butt plug is super soft and great for beginner plug users. The gray tint looks classy and every bit of real animal fur. If you are apprehensive to start your animal cosplay with a butt plug fearing pain- this one would be your ideal toy for starters.

Untamed XL fox tail butt plug

As mentioned previously, not all fox tail butt plugs are made from faux fur- there are some that are made from real fur. And this is one of those which is made from organic materials. Thus, you can expect the real plush bushy feel here which is sure to soar the temperature of your BDSM sessions. The plug is crafted from aluminum that assures the desired solid fullness of metal inside. You can also use it for an amazing temperature play. The plug comes with 3.25” insertable length.