What Is Interracial Dating, and Why Are People Interested in It?

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There’s no doubt that we live in a more open society from what it was back in the 1900s. From modern technology to the way we dress, the difference is staggering. However, there’s one thing that tops it all. We’d like to talk about mixing between races. A topic of many controversies throughout the years, it still seems to be somewhat taboo today.

Nevertheless, our article aims to dismantle any stigmas and prejudices left surrounding interracial relationships. We’ll talk about history, famous couples, and of course — whether sex between different races is better. And without further ado, we bring you the ins and outs of interracial dating. 

There Was a Time When It Was Not Allowed

Unlike today, interracial mixing wasn’t a big thing back in the days, to say the least. Moreover, people would see it as disgusting, immoral, or even punishable by law. But these racist ideas didn’t stop some from trying it out. And back in the slavery days of the United States, white people would frequently visit their black slaves and have sex with them. Most of the time, they would rape them.

Nevertheless, interracial marriage wasn’t legal until 1967 in America. Pretty shocking, considering how the U.S. loves to brag about being so progressive, tolerant, and democratic. But even if it became legal, most people would still think of it as something perverse. Of course, things are different these days. More and more young people have sexual relationships with people of different races. Many of them marry each other later on.

The First Interracial Couple

Most remember Disney’s “Pocahontas.” A lovely tale of love between a Native American girl and a British sailor, John Smith. But what if we tell you it’s not a completely fictional story? Pocahontas is one of the first interracial couples on North American shores.

Back in the early 17th century, an English settler, John Rolfe, fell in love with Pocahontas, a Native American woman. Sending a message of peace and prosperity years later, this marriage is one of the primary examples of how mixing between races can be a great thing in real life. [READ The Real Story of Pocahontas]

Why Interracial Relationships Are Better

There isn’t an exact reason why one would argue that interracial relationships are better than traditional ones. It’s all subjective. There’s no reason to claim one or another. However, we can take a look at some famous interracial couples and understand that they don’t mean you can’t make it big together. Let’s check them out, shall we?

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without one of the most popular couples in the world today. Of course, we’re talking about Kim and Kanye West. Both are pretty successful and are certainly the most influential power couple alongside Beyoncé and Jay-Z. In case you didn’t know, they’re all the rage among the young people. This makes them a prime example of success.

On the other hand, we’ve got Prince Harry and Megan Markle. This one’s pretty interesting, considering that a member of the British Royal family is in a long-term relationship with a woman of color. It’s pretty obvious how different today’s world is if you realize that an African American woman is in line to the British throne.

However, famous interracial couples aren’t that new. Back in the ‘70s, John Lennon was with Yoko Ono, a Japanese multimedia artist. There are countless examples of famous interracial couples, and it would be pointless to list them all. But one thing is clear — there’s no reason not to pursue happiness with a person of different color, race, or ethnicity.

Interracial Sex: Is It Better?

But forget all about marriages and thrones, we’re here to talk sex. After all, tons of sex fantasies revolve around intercourse with people of different races. And in the adult industry, interracial porn is one of the biggest genres in the U.S. People love watching a white man and an Asian woman, or a black guy and a blonde girl. It’s what makes them click.

But are sexual acts between different races better? Well, a recent study shows that 67% of people believe it is. On the other hand, just 15% find it worse, while the rest didn’t try it and didn’t show interest in it. That leads us to believe that the world really is different from what it was just a couple of decades ago.

Young people are more liberal and willing to engage in sex with other races. They’re more into experimenting with their sex life while they’re in college. And seeing how most of them find it better, there’s got to be something more to interracial sex than porn categories and racial stereotypes. It’s no wonder famous people enjoy multicultural partners.