Our Team

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Robn Saini (27)
The Alpha Male

Guys, listen! If you want to learn the right words to say to get a match, then you must read all Robin’s articles. You won’t regret it.

Sasha Rushman (26)
The Fashion Police

As if we need to tell you. You need to look good because people respond with the way people dress. Sasha shares her expertise on how to use clothing to your advantage, and will tell you to ditch your cargo shorts.

Jennifer Cory (30)

Aside from organizing speed dating events, Jennifer works for fastweapons.com to make sure all articles are of top quality, and that that they produce results.

Liz Rogers (22)
Social Media Manager

People are always on social media, and it is Liz’s job to give them freedom to go out and meet people personally, not virtually.